A Brilliant Night For Toading On Wilden Marsh(3 images)

The sky above Wilden Marsh was dark but clear this evening. A large, bright, full moon crept above Hoo Wood Hill, taking the edge off the darkness as I walked along the Northern Corridor. Every pond, puddle, and water filled scrape was awash with toads. My head and hand torches were essential to avoid stepping on them. So the toad breeding season is well underway on Wilden Marsh.

IMG_9140 (2) 16IMG_9122 (2) 16IMG_9125 (2) 16

7 Comments on “A Brilliant Night For Toading On Wilden Marsh(3 images)

  1. Lovely shots, Mike, especially the first image of the smaller toad on top of the larger one.

    (I’ve never seen a frog or toad in my area of Frogs Hollow Wetlands, but with the chest high grass and water reeds, I guess I never will. I just have to be content with hearing the sounds).

    • I don’t understand why people are afraid of the dark, Dina. I don’t believe in ghosts and ghouls. I have a 10 million candlepower lantern that lights up the darkest night.

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