Soft Touch

Waynetta made a real fuss today. She followed me all over the North Pasture bellowing and nudged me if she thought I was not taking notice of her. When my eyes disappeared behind the camera she would stride right up close and push me. I felt it likely she was trying to make me understand that she was fed up of being locked in the North Pasture and wanted access to new grass, so I opened the gate to the area around North Pond and the Swamp. I’m sure Waynetta believes I’m a soft touch – without doubt she has more about her than others of the herd. Having got what she wanted, Waynetta totally lost interest in me. This Belted Galloway has a very strong survival instinct.

I will be taking particular notice when she loses interest in the Swamp. The riverside pasture in next to the Swamp and has more new grass in it than anywhere else on the marsh; I wonder how long it will take Waynetta to notice and start hassling me again.

IMG_9053 (2) 16

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  1. I’m new here. Thank you for “liking” my Canadian Geese picture/post. Your Waynetta is beautiful!! 😊

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