The Cattle Have Eaten Wilden Marsh

The time has come to accept that the herd has eaten almost all the grass Wilden Marsh has to offer at the moment. New grass is growing, but not fast enough to safely sustain fourteen cattle. I walked them into the Tenant Farmer’s Field today and judging by the speed at which they were devouring the small amount of new grass there, I will be moving them into the Orchid Field Sunday afternoon. So to be on the safe side, hay is being delivered to the marsh on Monday, together with mineral licks to sooth my concern that the three mothers might be short on magnesium: I’ve noticed Tulip twitching. I could keep them grazing new grass for another week at the most, by moving them around the south marsh, but the herd would continue to lose weight. There is some useful grazing in the very wet Orchid Field, directly south of the Tenant Farmer’s Field, and the hay will be held in a feeder sited on a dry field immediately south of the Orchid Field, so the strategy should work. The herd will be able to move freely between the two fields and choose between new grass in very wet ground conditions, or hay on dry ground – or a bit of both – until there is enough new grass growth to sustain them properly.


“Gimme grass!” says Sarah. 


“Gimme fish!” says a kingfisher.

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