Much Bellowing On The Marsh (5 images)

Red Dog, the north marsh fox, was in amongst the cattle when I arrived at the North Pasture this afternoon. As soon as the cattle heard the gate close, they ran towards me mooing and bellowing for all they were worth. Even Rose, who was out of sight way down by the river, joined in with her unique screeching. With all the kerfuffle, Red Dog quickly disappeared from the scene. The cattle haven’t made such a fuss at seeing me since they had that mad time a month ago. It’s strange that on the very day I’m planning to move them they should get so excited and make so much noise; it’s as though they were reading my mind.

If I was thinking of keeping the cattle in the North Pasture beyond today, their excited behaviour convinced me it was indeed time to move them to the Flooded Wood Pasture. They followed me the length of the North Pasture and stood bellowing at the gate whilst I checked that the Flooded Wood Pasture was secure. When I opened the gate, they danced and ran in all directions. The three calves ran excitedly in circles and refused to leave the security of the  North Pasture; they did come out eventually.

It’s all new grass in the Flooded Wood Pasture, but it’s only four to six inches high; all the cattle care about is sweet, tender, new grass and they were loving it – the herd will probably eat it all within the week. There is a weeks new grass in the Tenant Farmer’s Field, but very little in the South Riverside Pasture. Still, as each week passes now, the new grass will grow taller.

The Shetland and Belted Galloway cattle made use of different grazing techniques, when I let them into the Flooded Wood Pasture today. The Shetlands rushed off looking for the best possible grazing, whilst the Belties, Wayne and Waynetta, began grazing immediately they passed through the gate. The Shetlands browsed a little from here and a little from there. The Belted Galloways grazed an area like mowing machines.

I crossed Red Dogs path three times today, but it was very difficult to get a decent image of him. The image below is the best I could do.


Red Dog hidden in the undergrowth.










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