Beth Must Have Heard Me Talking About New Grass In The Flooded Wood Pasture. (3 images)

The cattle are still in the North Pasture. They are eagerly grazing, not standing about wasting their time or mine, and they are not complaining either. However, they are all getting well stuck into eating the common rush, and this is the last chance to get them to graze it down before the new growing season presents them with tastier morsels. The cattle need a good supply of water when grazing rush and their is plenty pooled all around them. I am keeping a close daily eye on them and would like the herd to remain in the North Pasture until at least Wednesday, before moving them to the Flooded Wood Pasture (just through that gate). New grass is coming up quickly now and the cattle have perked up quite a bit this last week.

Just beyond the northern boundary of Wilden Marsh, across Hoo Brook, a new wildlife area has been created along the wildlife corridor. It has been properly fenced off. A water trough for the cattle has been plumbed in. Trees have been planted, an otter holt has been installed, and bat boxes will be placed there also. It seems that whenever a new wildlife area is laid down, and new fencing installed to secured it, holes start appearing in the fencing almost immediately. The riverside fencing has been repaired a few times lately, and today I found the likely culprits: three fishermen with a large amount of kit. They had scaled the fencing at the new bypass bridge, and smashed a section of the riverside fencing to gain easy access to the riverbank. They had a roaring bonfire going today too. Anyway, they left the site willingly enough, and I will keep a close eye on the area from now on. The last thing I want is the cattle escaping down the river through broken fencing.


Beth trying to work out how to open the gate to the Flooded Wood Pasture.


Jess searching for the new grass.



Damage to the new wildlife area fencing.

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