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Monthly Archives: February 2017

The cattle have stood about twiddling their hooves in the Top Field, doing nothing constructive, and complaining a lot; they were getting physical with each other, too. So this morning I took them to the South Riverside Pasture for a couple of days holiday. I left some grazing in the North Pasture, so I might move them there on Thursday. At least they have stopped moaning now.

Today was a Wilden Marsh Workday in the Top Field alongside Wilden Lane – the field the cattle have been living in and dining on hay for the past two weeks. Half the field area is taken up with a tangled and overgrown wood; we have worked to improve it for many years. I moved the herd to the adjoining Orchid Field to get them out of the way, and we set… Read More

I found this white berry in Hoo Wood today, all on its own.

Here are some laurel flowers I photographed in Hoo Wood earlier today.

Himalayan Balsam is poking its leaves above ground now; the marsh cattle will soon be feasting on this very prolific and invasive plant. In the UK, the Himalayan Balsam plant was first introduced in 1839 at the same time as Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed. These plants were all promoted at the time as having the virtues of “herculean proportions” and “splendid invasiveness” which meant that ordinary people could buy them for the cost of a packet of… Read More

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