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  What to do and how to face an overcast and┬ámisty Saturday when the forecast promises miserable weather for the┬árest of the day? I suppose a person could stay in bed until something or someone yanks them, perhaps unkindly and rudely, from their warm and comfortable oblivion into a state of grumpy reality, but not me; I was up well before sunrise today. There’s breakfast and the house cleaning to look forward… Read More

It was minus two degrees Centigrade on the marsh this morning, with the bonus of brilliant sunshine that, whilst very pleasant, failed to warm my back. The ground was frozen and I don’t think the temperature rose above freezing all day. Our task was to clear scrub from the edge of the Flooded Wood Pasture, on the east side of the corridor to the tenant farmer’s field. The wood we cut was frost covered, green, soaking… Read More

I was down on the marsh last night and again tonight. Last night was quiet and uninspiring. I saw a few pairs of eyes staring back in the beam of my head torch, but the marsh seemed subdued. Tonight, though, was the reverse of last night. I was surrounded by pairs of brightly shining eyes when walking through the Lagoon Field ar the north end of the marsh. I looked down from the North… Read More

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