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A few winter images from this afternoon. The forcast is for snow here tomorrow.

I attended a guided walk through Puxton and Stourvale Marshes this morning, with thirty to thirty-five others. These marshes are two miles upstream of Wilden Marsh. The walk was led by Paul Allen, the Wyre Forest District Council Countryside and Conservation Officer. I’ve not been here before and was interested in how these urban marshes compared with Wilden Marsh – they all exist within the same wildlife corridor. Puxton Marsh was an industrial wasteland not too long… Read More

The herd now grazing Wilden Marsh consists of two Belted Galloway (brother and sister, Wayne and Waynetta) and twelve Shetland cattle. Belted Galloway : When fully grown, rare breed Belted Gallaway cows weigh between 1000 and 1500 pounds and can live for twenty years. A bull will weigh around 1750 and 2000 pounds.  Belties are a docile breed, probably of Celtic origin (probably why I like them), that have a double thickness coat to protect them… Read More

  Local wildlife groups are wonderful resources and ideal places to begin research into all kinds of local and foreign wildlife related subjects and issues. There are many experts in local groups, and one or more of them can usually give authoritative advice and answer your questions, or at least point you to someone who can if they can’t.  I find presentation evenings that deal with subjects or issues I am interested in, akin to being transported to another reality. Reading a book… Read More

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