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(8 Images) Great Crested Newts, the UK’s most protected amphibian, are loved by many naturalists and rather less so by some property developers. Unfortunately, loss of ponds and their surrounding newt friendly habitats, as well as changes in farming practices, have set these wonderful animals on a path to steep decline, Fortunately, Wilden Marsh is a protected nature reserve and home to many great crested newts as well as a good selection of other amphibians. The marsh has… Read More

Being manager of The Wilden Marsh Insect Hotel is not a feet up on the desk, telling others what to do, and waiting for the salary cheque and retirement sort of job. For a start, there isn’t a desk, nor people to order about, or a salary cheque at the end of the month. However, being manager requires that I maintain the hotel in good order, keep the residents happy, attract passing trade, and do… Read More


We held a Volunteer Taster Day at Wilden Marsh today. The weather forecasters promised dark skies and nonstop heavy rain. In spite of this doom and gloom prediction, seven volunteers turned up ready and eager to do their best. We were rewarded with a rain free still day, but as people left site this afternoon the heavens open and rain fell freely. Fortune favoured the brave today! We were able to clear much of the… Read More

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