Being manager of The Wilden Marsh Insect Hotel is not a feet up on the desk, telling others what to do, and waiting for the salary cheque and retirement sort of job. For a start, there isn’t a desk, nor people to order about, or a salary cheque at the end of the month. However, being manager requires that I maintain the hotel in good order, keep the residents happy, attract passing trade, and do whatever else is necessary to increase profitability and expand the customer base. I also need to keep an eye on demand and decide whether to expand the North Pond Hotel, or build additional business units elsewhere on the site. The job is pretty easy in spring, summer and early autumn as residents don’t like being disturbed. In winter I have to attend to maintenance and carry out necessary improvements without disturbing the overwintering guests, most of whom sleep until spring. Winter is also the best time to build new insect hotels.

Take today for instance! I have been busy looking towards the future and installing 100 new rooms with south-facing vistas at North Pond Insect Hotel. My target customers for these new rooms are solitary bees.

There are around 240 species of solitary bee living in the UK, and the task here is to attract a few to lay their eggs in the 8mm diameter tunnels I have drilled for them. The holes are drilled slightly upwards to prevent rain water flooding them. The new rooms/cells are now ready and waiting to impress passing trade when the new season starts.

So, if you are interested in a job with no pay or promotion prospects, this is one way to set yourself on a new career path to insect hotel management. Good luck!

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Sales, Marketing,Property Development And Hotel Management (4 Images)

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  1. I was concerned when bumble bees took up residence in my barn one summer, but decided to leave them in peace and hope they would do the same. They never gave me, my horses, or the barn cats a moments trouble, and did a fine job of pollinating my flowers. They will always be welcome here.

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