A Selfie With Waynetta

The herd appeared to be back to normal this afternoon, following yesterday’s shenanigans. I’d like to think this image shows Waynetta apologising for yesterday’s madness, but it doesn’t! She is licking the wax from my cotton jacket with that sandpaper-like tongue of hers. I’m not at all keen on being licked by cattle, the rasp of their tongues on my skin is akin to the screech of fingernails being drawn over the surface of a blackboard to me – it makes my flesh creep.

I was asked again today about what happens to the marsh cattle when the temperature drops below freezing. People get worried when they see the cattle out in freezing temperatures, or being soaked with freezing rain. The Shetland and Belted Galloway cattle living all year round on Wilden Marsh can withstand temperatures down to around -40 degrees Centigrade, as long as they have enough to eat, and they have water shedding coats. So we don’t need to worry about the marsh cattle being outside in Kidderminster’s winter weather.

I wouldn’t be worried about the cattle feeling cold until I see foxes and deer shivering.


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