Ellen, Jess ‘n’ Beth

The Shetland calves are coming on really well. In bygone days, cattle on the Shetland Isles lived harsh lives. They ate well during the growing season and slowly starved outside of it. Nature being what it is ensured that weaklings and disease prone cattle living on the islands, and their defective genes, died out over many brutal winters of trying to survive on a sparse low-calorie/low protein diet. So over time the cattle developed into a compact, sturdy, disease free breed capable of living successfully outside all year round no matter how severe the weather conditions.

Shetland cows calve very easily; they are attentive and caring mothers. When the two brown and white calves were born to Jill and Tulip, late last summer, both cows took me to where they had hidden their calves and seemed happy to let me handle them.


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