Winter Along The River Stour And Wilden Marsh

A few winter images from this afternoon. The forcast is for snow here tomorrow.

8 Comments on “Winter Along The River Stour And Wilden Marsh

  1. Just as interesting in winter (as in summer).
    There’s something to like about every season when you’re in Nature 🙂

      • How funny to hear that…….I’m getting fed up with the humidity, heat and colours of summer, and looking forward to Autumn.

      • I can’t take the heat though, Mike. Except for this week when I’ve had to go in to the city (via taxi mostly), I’ve been almost housebound 🙂 I love the cold, cool days of Autumn and the colours of Winter.

      • I’m not keen on heat either. I don’t mind a week in a hot country when on holiday, but I’m always glad to get back to British weather.

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