What to do and how to face an overcast and misty Saturday when the forecast promises miserable weather for the rest of the day? I suppose a person could stay in bed until something or someone yanks them, perhaps unkindly and rudely, from their warm and comfortable oblivion into a state of grumpy reality, but not me; I was up well before sunrise today. There’s breakfast and the house cleaning to look forward to, but surely there aren’t many who can honestly claim to look forward to house cleaning duties. Like it or not, though, for many of us house cleaning is a chore and reality that must be faced up to, and it’s probably a little more palatable when the weather outside is dreary.

I’ve now had breakfast and a nice hot mug of tea. The sun has risen. It’s light outside, and not as misty as expected. The post person has just made the mistake of delivering letters through our front door letterbox, causing Spike to launched himself, barking hysterically in the manner of a rabid dog, at the bent and battered wire basket letter catcher I fitted to protect posties fingers and our letters. I collected a parcel from our main post office recently. The person behind the counter looked at the address and said, “Ah! This is the house where the large aggressive dog lives. Our delivery operatives hate delivering to your house.” “But he’s only a little Cocker Spaniel with a deep voice!” I replied sheepishly. “And he has not yet bitten a post person.”

Ah well! Time to get on with my day.

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    • The only time Spike barks outside my house, is to warn me of danger. Inside the house he barks at almost ever noise from outside. I think that Spike feels in control outside and limited inside the house – maybe he is worried by noises and potential threats that he can’t see. Happy New Year to you, Laurie.

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