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Local wildlife groups are wonderful resources and ideal places to begin research into all kinds of local and foreign wildlife related subjects and issues. There are many experts in local groups, and one or more of them can usually give authoritative advice and answer your questions, or at least point you to someone who can if they can’t.  I find presentation evenings that deal with subjects or issues I am interested in, akin to being transported to another reality. Reading a book or watching a television programme is a good way to acquire information, but they are one-way activities; you can’t ask a book or a television questions. At a local wildlife group presentation evening/meeting, the experts are usually there, either giving the presentation and/or in the audience asking the questions.

My local wildlife group, the Wyre Forest Group, meetings are held in a warm, well lit, modern community hall near my home;  it’s a very friendly, effectively managed, well attended and welcoming place, with easy parking and all the necessary HD visual aid equipment – what more could a person ask for?

If you are a bit nervous about attending a wildlife group meeting for the first time, then don’t be. The person welcoming you, and taking your £2.50 entrance fee, will most likely realise that you are a newcomer and sort you out. If you decide to attend your local wildlife group meetings, indoors or out,  I hope you find the experience fulfilling and enjoyable. 

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