Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve Volunteer Workday And An Educational Evening

It was minus two degrees Centigrade on the marsh this morning, with the bonus of brilliant sunshine that, whilst very pleasant, failed to warm my back. The ground was frozen and I don’t think the temperature rose above freezing all day. Our task was to clear scrub from the edge of the Flooded Wood Pasture, on the east side of the corridor to the tenant farmer’s field. The wood we cut was frost covered, green, soaking wet, and there wasn’t a breath of wind to fan any flames, so we decided to burn the brash. Fortunately, after starting a small fire and building a tall brash structure around it, the flames funnelled through its centre to dry  the willow pile and provide spectacular combustion. A light breeze blew in the afternoon to ensure the successful burning of every piece of brash by the end of the day.

This evening my wife and I attended an interesting and informative Wyre Forest Wildlife Group presentation given by Paul Allen (Wyre Forest District Council Conservation Officer and leader of Grazing Animals Project), about the management of Puxton Marsh. Puxton Marsh is 2 miles north of Wilden Marsh and forms part of the Stour Valley wildlife corridor. Paul is hosting a guided walk around Puxton Marsh this Sunday morning: an opportunity I won’t be missing.

Happy days!

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