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Reedmace roots are a nutritious and energy-rich food source that when processed into flour contains 266 kcal per 100g. Harvested from late Autumn to early Spring. Yields of starch are fantastic, more than 10 times the average yield per acre of potatoes. Reedmace root flour also contains gluten. Gluten is the constituent in wheat flour that allows flour to rise in yeast breads. Boiled, the roots produce a fine syrup, which can… Read More

This image shows the damage Himalayan balsam causes on the Wilden Marsh  island. Grass grows on the near mainland riverbank because cattle graze any balsam growing here. The far island riverbank soil is bare and covered with dried balsam stalks. We need a bridge to enable the cattle to graze our valuable island. 

I’d like to join Stickman and his Ladylove in wishing everyone a Merry Chrishmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.   

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