Shooting Herons

My camera traps are recording as much people activity as wildlife on Wilden Marsh island at the moment. Although people carrying high powered air rifles have not been recorded over this Christmas period, I’m concerned that the situation might be about to change. I expect Santa has delivered air rifles locally which might be used to target the island’s herons, as was the case this time last year.

I’ve stumbled on a few shot heron carcasses on the marsh over the last year, and I don’t want to repeat the experience next year, so I’m taking action early.

Scanning the heronry with binoculars at this time of year can reveal the odd carcass lodged in trees, like this one; I’m not able to tell if it’s been shot.


Although the island is fully stock fenced, certain people cut their way in and others take advantage of the entry point.


4 Comments on “Shooting Herons

  1. Egads, I can’t imagine the mentality that would want to shoot a heron. Depressing for sure! I think someone in my neighbourhood must have received a gun for Christmas – we heard rifle shots nearby all day long. I was very relieved when our little family of four deer showed up late this afternoon, all looking healthy and unharmed. An occasion for Christmas apples all round!

  2. I don’t know what it is about the season of goodwill that brings people out to kill wildlife. I do hope that you don’t get a repeat of your heron bothering.

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