Back To The Tenant Farmer’s Field

After the storms and flooding of last week and early this week, I moved the new herd back the Tenant Farmer’s Field yesterday. If you are wondering why I’m shouting at the cattle in this video, it’s because I don’t want them to wander into the Flooded Wood Pasture running the length of the corridor between the two pastures. If they had decided to graze the Flooded Wood Pasture, it might have taken ages to get them out of there.

13 Comments on “Back To The Tenant Farmer’s Field

  1. Just wondering Mike, I get the impression that you are doing all the work alone there. Aren’t there any other volonteers to help? Or is everyone having his own tasks?

    • I am mostly alone on the marsh, but I hold two marsh workdays each month, which is not nearly enough to get everything done. However, contractors are used to carry out large jobs. Attracting volunteers has not been very productive, in spite of guided walks, advertising and leaflet drops in the local areas. I have arranged a taster day for 8th January for those who would like to experience volunteering on Wilden Marsh.

      Thank you, I appreciate your comment.

      • So you basically run the whole enterprise alone. Respect!
        Such a pity I live so far away.

      • Thanks! Well, don’t forget the cattle, they are essential for dealing with the general health of pastures and woodlands, and there’s support from Worcester Wildlife Trust and the other marsh owners and supporters. There are also the workday volunteers:Bill Foxall, who hardly misses a workday, and Mike Averill. Fortunately, I not at all depressed by the long list of marsh related tasks yet to be carried out. I have to do what I can with the resources I have available.

      • Good to hear you do have some help en support and then I assume that the work itself must be very rewarding.

      • Yes. I’m not doing anything I don’t want to do. All things I do on Wilden Marsh are personally very rewarding. 🙂

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