At Last The Tenant Farmer’s Field



Tulip and her calf posing for a photograph.

The three mothers are incredibly attentive to their calves; they stick together and won’t take any messing about from the Puxton Marsh cattle. It’s not unusual to find the mothers and calves at one end of the field, and the Puxton herd at the other.

After opening the gate between the south entrance riverside section and the Southern Riverside Pasture, I called the cattle and they came running in double quick time – they were obviously eager to move on. I counted eleven through the gate and the twelvth (500176), I haven’t given her a name yet, was out of sight down by the water trough at the Reserve entrance gate. One of the cows gave a bellow, 500176 responded and soon joined the rest of the herd mustered just inside the Southern Riverside Pasture gate. The full herd stood to attention, eyes front, even the three calves, waiting for instructions. I moved off, whistled and shouted and the cattle followed close behind me with Rose at the head.

I walked the herd to the Tenant Farmer’s Field and opened the gate. The cattle rushed in and started dancing about with excitement and the three calves, caught up in the excitement I suppose, chased and danced with each other in a wide circle. The herd pulled themselves together and Rose led them to the northern end of the field. They had a nibble at a few choice patches of lush green grass before carrying out a field recce to find the best water sources. I opened the gate to the Rhombus Field and watched the cattle spread out over the TF’s Field; when I left them, they were happily grazing and bellowing.

Happy days!



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