Nighttime On Wilden Marsh

I don’t expect to see much animal activity when walking through a dark and drizzly Wilden Marsh – moonlit nights are best for spotting wildlife. This evening, though, as soon as I opened the South Riverside Pasture gate, I saw eyes staring back at me in the beam of my head torch; it was a muntjac deer standing at the bend of the river. Other eyes followed me from both sides of the river, as I made my way through the marsh. My super LED head torch is great for illuminating animals’ eyes, and they all have slightly different colours; it’s no good for spotting birds eyes, though, perhaps they have their eyes closed when it’s dark.

The three new calves were lying down together on the riverbank, under a large willow tree, halfway along pasture. They are used to me now, and even in darkness they crowd around me to say hello. I’ve been thinking about names for these little beauties. I’m thinking of calling Jill’s calf Ellen, Tulip’s calf Jess, and Rose’s calf Beth; I hope they will become expert thistle eaters under the supervision of Wayne and Waynetta, the belted Galloways.  So the new calves will be collectively known as Ellen, Jess ‘n’ Beth, which has a pleasing ring to it; at least this is my plan for now, unless or until I can think of a better name combination.

There are the six new cattle to name, too – two of which are bullocks.

I shot these images tonight with my iPhone camera.




Ellen, Jess ‘n’ Beth front to back.


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