Goodbye Billy Bull!

Goodbye Billy Bull!

Your job is done and very soon a trailer will take you to pastures new.

We accepted each other, largely through adopting an attitude of indifference, and you are indeed an effective and gentle bull.

I hope you and your loyal flies enjoy life back at the farm.


10 Comments on “Goodbye Billy Bull!

      • I think “A lot of bull” might refer to what comes out the rear end, Tom. I will concede that most people believe there is always more going on at the rear end than in the head of a bull; however, Billy Bull does exhibit a surprising amount of attitude and forceful body language, as can be seen in the final blog post video before his departure, yet to be published, in which this particular bull shows his metal. If you watch my next video, you can make your own comparison between certain well known business persons high in the world news at the moment, and the front or back end of a bull. 😉

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