Jill’s New Calf

A text from Paul Allen early this afternoon, Wyre Forest District Council Countryside Conservation Officer, alerted me to the birth of a second calf on Wilden Marsh. The herd was again grazing around South Pool when I arrived, and I could see only Tulip’s calf. As I approached the herd, Jill broke away and led me to where her calf was hidden at the far north-east corner of the South Riverside Pasture.

So that’s two calves down and one to go. I am wondering if we might also have a Shetland/Galloway cross calf soon.

Billy Bull has done his job and will soon be going back to the farm.

It’s TB testing time at the end of the month for the Wilden Marsh herd.


Jill’s new calf.


Jill with her new calf.


Jill’s new calf.

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2 Responses to Jill’s New Calf

  1. Wonderful sight and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for the TB testing!!

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