Tulip’s New Calf

Tulip has been away from the herd a lot over the last few days. I knew she was pregnant and was not far from giving birth because her udder had dropped and increased in volume.

When I checked the cattle this evening, Tulip showed me her new calf.

Daisy and Jill are also pregnant, and I reckon there will be three new calves very soon.

The images below show the new calf, Tulip and the calf, and parents and the calf.

Tulip's New Calf.

Tulip’s New Calf.

Tulip And Her Calf.

Tulip And Her Calf.

Dad, Mum And Calf.

Dad, Mum And Calf.

15 Comments on “Tulip’s New Calf

    • Yes, it’s spritely and dancing around a lot. Tulip is very attentive and I think she is concerned that her calf might fall in the river.

  1. The cattle are indeed lovely and never, never ugly. The calf is a welcome addition but I thought you said Billy Bull didn’t know what it was all about.?

    • I was wrong, Bill. I have apologised to Billy Bull for accusing him of firing blanks. He still won’t give way to me, though; I have to walk around him every time we meet. He just stops until I move out of his way. I suppose I ought to be grateful that he hasn’t gored me.

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