An Unusual And Potentially Dangerous Day

It was an interesting day of contrasts on Wilden Marsh today!

A lone patch of clear blue sky that had settled directly above the marsh was encircled by very dense black clouds that squeezed it progressively tighter; within an hour the blue hole had collapsed. Whilst the bright sunlight beamed its warmth through the shrinking hole in the clouds, it seemed that every bird on the marsh was singing its individual song. The cacophony was as strident as it was unusual; even the frogs were in full voice. Bees and other flying insects were out in force, as if in a rush to make the best of the last warmth of this year.

A large, lazy, fat hornet decided to get friendly whilst I was using my binoculars, it tapped away at the back of my neck. I did all the usual things: dancing, swerving, running backwards and forwards and ducking and diving, but I was unable to persuade it the leave me alone. I didn’t want to swat it, so I sprayed a mist of insect repellent around my head, which did the trick. The hornet probably mistook my brown base ball cap for a bees’ nest and was tapping my neck in an attempt to persuade the bees to leave the nest and investigate, when it would rip their throats 0ut.

This was not the first time a hornet had mistaken my cap for a bees’ nest and persistently tapped away at it. I didn’t want to swat or annoy the hornet because there are nests nearby and it will release a hormone to attract and invite other hornets in the vicinity to take a piece of me.


3 Comments on “An Unusual And Potentially Dangerous Day

  1. Very interesting! 🙂 Once, years ago, when i lived in Kansas, i had an ad in the papers for bee swarms. A woman called who had hornets in a gourd. She said that if i didn’t come they would exterminate them all. I came, put my bee gear on, to take them to the farm where we lived… but they were so small that they got into my head/hat net and kept stinging my face! Painful, in the worst way, but i got them and hung them at the farm in the woods.

  2. Eek! My mum had a bad experience with a hornet and runs a mile if she spots them. I’m fascinated by them! So industrious and incredible hunters. I would not like to have one tapping the back of my neck though, that would totally creep me out!

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