Zygiella atrica

Zygiella atrica females are similar in colour to the male, but with a larger abdomen. The reddish marks on the front of the abdomen are distinctive in this species and the light part of the folium is particularly silvery.The male palp has an extremely long patella and tibia that is visible to the naked eye. This spider is found on gorse bushes and a variety of other vegitiation, but usually not near houses and frequently in gardens. The male matures in summer and the female in late autumn.


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  1. Superb shot! 🙂
    My wife may have recently been bitten by a spider (here in Illinois). Her hand turned black and it had bite marks in the center. Fortunately, it is clearing up well. We live right on the periphery of the Brown Recluse’s range, but i doubt if it was a Brown Recluse. They are moving north, more where we are, due to global warming. There are other spiders that it may have been. Marla refused to go to the doctors re this; she has a lot of medical issues and is fed up with seeing doctors so often.
    Most spiders are not venomous and don’t pose a problem. I love spiders, but i love my wife a lot more. Spiders do play a significant role in the natural balance and are wonderful creatures!

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