The cattle are happy. They’re in the North Pasture, meant for winter grazing. Unfortunately, the Hoo Brook SSSI is blocked with brash and logs from recent willow pollarding. The brook stock fencing has been cut in a couple of places, so we can’t put the cattle in the either Hoo Brook Pasture, where they are supposed to be, or the Swamp. Hopefully, the contractors will be back to sort things out before too long.









16 Comments on “Smile!

  1. I don’t go into the woods anymore like i used to. There are way too many ticks in our area that carry Lyme Disease. My cousin recently got Lyme Disease and it causes severe arthritis and a host of other nasty things. I have enough osteoarthritis the way it is. In the past, i’ve used plenty or repellent with DEET, and the ticks were getting on me anyway. I sure hope there are no serious tick oriented illnesses in your area, Mike!

  2. I hope they are not the same aborialists that I had the misfortune of contracting recently.

      • Well they came on site like a gang of chainsaw wielding schoolboys, cut everything to ground level, filled my ponds with brash, and moved on to another job for a few weeks. I was a little worried that my bog might have swallowed them before eventually being able to contact their gaffer.

  3. I’m sorry, I meant I have Never seen one like the first pic with tan, curly hair. Does he have a wig on? Haha. He’s a cutie.

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