Garden Cross Spider


You may be surprised to know that a number of spiders in the UK are capable of giving a nasty nip – usually after rough handling or if they become trapped in your clothes. You can tell it’s a spider bite because it leaves little puncture marks. False widow spiders, so-called because of their similarity to the more poisonous black widow spider, are the main culprits and typically give bites that cause pain, redness and swelling.



3 Comments on “Garden Cross Spider

  1. Superb shot! 🙂
    My wife’s hand is recovering from having been badly bruised (with a charcoal black coloring) with what looks like puncture marks in the middle. We think she may have been bitten by a spider here in Illinois. We are right at the periphery of the Brown Recluse spider’s range; their range is expanding (with the warmer weather, that is probably due to global warming); there are other species, too, that can cause damage. Marla refused to go to the doctor about this; she has a lot of health issues and is just burnt out with regard to seeing doctors. Thankfully, she is improving well. I love spiders, but i love my wife a lot more. Most spiders are quite harmless and are very beneficial.

    • I have quite a few spider crawling over me; I walk through many spiders’ webs at this time of year.

      I’m glad to hear that Marla’s health is improving.

  2. Thanks, Mike! I walk through tons of spider webs too, at this time of year, while out photographing. I don’t even mind when they crawl all over my face. (When i saw your latest posting of a spider, i thought it was the one i tried to post in, when we were having internet problems, and thought my posting didn’t go through; that is why there’s redundancy!)

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