Rhombus Field After The Storm

After the storms that soaked me on Tuesday, the lightning that threatened to vapourise me, and the thunder claps that resonated through my very bones, I walked across the marsh to check on the cattle in the Rhombus Field early yesterday evening. Entering, as usual, through the gate from the Tenant Farmer’s Corridor, the cattle were nowhere to be seen; I called them, but no answer. I traipsed south down the field to the wooden bridge at the gate to the Orchid Field, but no cattle did I see – all the vegetation I left on the wooden bridge had been eaten, so they are not afraid to walk on it.

The Rhombus Field is very boggy, with water  filled depressions that are easily deep enough to fill a welly. I followed the east side fence line back towards the Flooded Wood Pasture. The cattle had hidden themselves away in the south east corner of the Rhombus Field, close to the gate by which I had entered the field.

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