An Early September Day On Wilden Marsh With Mike

I arrived at the north marsh entrance gates earlier this week, and decided to shoot a video of my day on the marsh. The footage was shot handheld with my DSLR camera – it’s a bit shaky, the runtime is around 25 minutes, and it covers a period from 10am to 5.30pm.

Hopefully, this post shows elements of north marsh habitats in greater detail than is possible through stills alone.

I hope you find the post interesting.

10 Comments on “An Early September Day On Wilden Marsh With Mike

    • Thank you! You are, or should be, a diplomat. I am relying on time and practice to help me achieve substantial improvements in technique and quality. 🙂

  1. Nice to get a grand tour all in one go. That water rail should know better than to scare someone who carries an axe! Will the cattle be fooled into going into the Rhomus Field – the next instalment? Foxy took a while to rumble you.

    • I was only able to show you a small amount of the north marsh.

      After grazing the northern corridor, I let the cattle in to the Rhombus field through the gate at the opposite end; they didn’t use the bridge.

      Foxes are not very good at seeing things that are not moving. A couple of nights ago, whilst watching the cattle in the Rhombus Field – I usually have to drag myself away from them – the south marsh vixen, walking a zigzag search pattern over an open grazed area, almost bumped into me before realising I was not a willow tree or standing deadwood.

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