Walking Down to the Water Trough

I guess a few out there looking into the ends of their internet cables at my world, would prefer to watch paint dry than another cow video. Believe me, I do understand and I do sympathise! However, the cattle are such a valuable Wilden Marsh resource that I think they are due a little well deserved recognition for the excellent contribution they make to the general health of the marsh. I think there are many people surviving on our planet that only see cattle on a television or dinner plate. So here is another tribute to the Wilden Marsh cattle; inevitably,  some will end up separating two pieces of bread. 

8 Comments on “Walking Down to the Water Trough

  1. I find watching the cattle and listening to your accent very relaxing. I hope that Spike is more responsive to your whistle though.

    • What accent! You’re not suggesting I have a “Black Country” accent are you, Ratty?

      The cattle have imprinted my whistle and have react to it readily.

      • Hahaha! Apparently people in Brighton think the “ooohhh-arggghhh” Herefordian accent sounds Welsh 🙂

      • One of my daughters-in-law was born and bred in Hereford, and her accent does not sound at all Welsh.

      • Indeed I wouldn’t have said so, but when my she-wrangler’s brother moved to Brighton everyone thought he was Welsh!

      • Well that doesn’t say a lot for Brightonians. It could be because they live too close to France.

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