Hillary Road Field

The cattle have almost finished grazing the riverbank section of the south marsh entrance. Hilary Road Field, shown here, is the next grazing challenge. This boggy field is full of thick, tough grasses and reeds. The water level has been lowered to make things easier for the cattle. I’ll check that the field boundary fences are secure and move them in next Tuesday or Wednesday. Tuesday’s weather is forcast as sunny with temperatures upto 32C and, perhaps, big thunder storms Tuesday night.

The marsh flora includes numerous species which are rare or uncommon in Worcestershire, notably Marsh Cinquefoil, Marsh Pennywort Hydrocotyle vulgaris, Fen Bedstraw Galium uliginosum, Marsh Valerian Valeriana dioica, Marsh Arrowgrass Triglochin palustris, Lesser Reedmace, Sea Club-rush Scirpus maritimus, Star Sedge Carex echinata and Lesser Tussock Sedge.  The tall fen vegetation in the centre of the site has an especially rich flora with an abundance of Lesser Water Parsnip, Great Water Dock and commoner tall helophytes.  Parts of the neutral grassland have an abundance of Southern Marsh Orchid.

Pollarded Crack Willow Salix fragilis and White Willow S.alba line some of the ditches.  The two main areas of carr woodland are dominated by Alder Alnus glutinosa and Crack Willow.  Scrub, mainly of Grey Sallow Salix cinerea, has begun to invade marshy grassland near some of the carr.


Hilllary Road Field Now.



Hillary Road Field in Winter.



4 Comments on “Hillary Road Field

    • I wouldn’t call Hilary Road Field paradise, Tom. The vegetation is thick, tough, and six feet tall in places. Most of ground is waterlogged, and there are numerous soft spots a person can sink into. It is very hard work walking across the field, and clouds of flies rise from its depths on hot days. The field has a rustic beauty, though. The cattle won’t take long to really mash the ground.

      • I can’t fault you for your enthusiasm, Tom. I suppose you have to be there to appreciate the sharp edge of beauty that Mother Nature can use to poke a person. I don’t believe that you can drink from Mother Nature’s cup without offering her something of value in return. The more generous your gift, the deeper the quaff she allows.

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