A sunny and warm evening along the riverbank (3 images)

The cattle are now grazing a narrow area along the river bank at the southern entrance end of Wilden Marsh – close to the scrapyard – they are locked in. Unlike the north and middle marshes, the southern marsh doesn’t have a riverside stock fence. The second of the downstream weirs is in river section  where the cattle are now.

I whistle when approaching the cattle; they spend most of the time with their heads down, concentrating on eating, and are oblivious to what’s  happening around them. If they suddenly  become aware that I’m in their midst, it startles them – not good if they are standing on the riverbank edge . The river is immediately behind Wayne. When I whistle, their all their heads shoot up in unison; the cattle are used to a quiet life away from people.

File 08-07-2016 6 25 46 pm 16

Wayne the belted Galloway says hello!

File 08-07-2016 6 27 20 pm 16

File 08-07-2016 6 26 33 pm 16

Babe having a rest.


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