Dawn on the Riverside Pasture

Most of cattle were asleep when I arrived on the Riverside Pasture this morning. Rose lay on her own, as usual.

I thought Wayne the Galloway was dead; he lay on his side and appeared bloated. Thankfully he was sleeping. Waynetta the Galloway was lying down with Billy Bull. Billy Bull, Wayne and Waynetta stood when they saw me. Billy sniffed Waynetta’s rear end and whimpered softly: he’s in love.

The cattle have completed grazing the north end of the marsh for the time being, and are beginning their journey to the south marsh today.

File 04-07-2016 10 14 35 pm 16

Eight of the nine cattle in bed

File 04-07-2016 10 49 18 pm 16

Rose on her own, away from the group


3 Comments on “Dawn on the Riverside Pasture

  1. What a romantic idyll it is for them, apart from poor Rose. I’m glad you didn’t have to deflate Wayne, like some latterday Gabriel!

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