Wilden Marsh has an Effective Conservation Herd Now!

I’ve not been very complimentary about this year’s herd, because they’ve not performed well enough…until now!

If the cattle were putting on a bit of a show for me last evening, it was a good effort and an excellent performance! They were grazing in the north corral, as they’ve done for around an hour every evening this week, before settling down in Hoo Brook Pasture for the night. I stood at the gate watching them; they all looked back at me with thistle, seeding dock or brambles hanging from their mouths, even Billy Bull and Babe. Now, my opinion of Billy has not been good; he’s cheeky and sometimes confrontational, and I’ve only seen him eating grass and soft vegetation. This evening, though, Billy had his head down and was seriously working the mixed vegetation as only an experienced professional grazer would. I hung around for an hour to satisfy myself that the herd continued working together as an efficient grazing unit, and it did!

The cattle ate grass, thistle, dock, and bramble in almost equal measure. So I am now more confident about the success of this year’s grazing effort. I’ll keep up their training for another couple of weeks, or at least until I’m confident that they know what’s expected of them.

Billy showed interest in the rear end of Waynetta, the belted Galloway this evening; we might have a Shetoway calf on the marsh before too long.


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