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Monthly Archives: June 2016

I’ve been busy for a couple of weeks removing thistle, ragwort and other invasive plants from the northern pastures, with help from our rare breed marsh cattle. Heavy rain storms have encouraged the marsh vegetation to grow particularly vigorously, especially the invasive plant species we are trying to eradicate. To be fair, the cattle have reduced a lot of soft, course and rough vegetation, which is their job after all, and they are a… Read More

The sweet, heady smell of honeysuckle blooms is wafting through Hoo Wood morning and evening. I have to say that no other scent has such an instantaneously positive influence on my mood. The feeling of euphoria honeysuckle fragrance creates within me is short lived, but its memory lasts for quite a while. I wonder if a long forgotten memory, or some other pleasant happening, is responsible for my reaction to this natural fragrance. Perhaps, one day, I will… Read More

This fly stood out more than others on a large bramble bush in Hoo Wood this morning.  Is it a window fly? I think this might be a fly for you to identify, Suzy.

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