A Week is a Long Time on Wilden Marsh

I’ve been away from the marsh for just over a week. The cattle were struggling to find drinking water in Hoo Brook Pasture before I left; now there are large fresh water puddles all over the area. We have obviously had heavy rain storms here. New thistles have grown to replace some of those Mike Averill and I cut a couple of weeks ago, and ragwort is taking over the northern pastures.

In stormy weather, I need to ensure that the cattle are not trapped in flooded fields, so gates are left open to allow them to reach higher ground if they need to.

Wyre Forest District Council Rangers looked after the cattle in my absence and, according to a text I received this morning, the herd have been on an adventure. The text doesn’t say what kind of adventure, though!

Last evening’s weather was hot and sunny.

The image is of Wayne, the belted Galloway, in Hoo Brook Pasture.


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    • It’s a mistake to underestimate cattle.

      The Countryside and Conservation Officer checked on the cattle just as Hoo Brook was about to break its bank. The cattle were at the far end of the pasture, sniffing odours drifting down the bank from MacDonald’s. The herd were high on beef burger smells and didn’t want to move to higher ground, so Paul had to push them to safety: rather him than me.

      I imagined them jogging down Wilden Lane.

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