Still in the Bedroom

I was too early for the cattle this morning. Apart from Rose, who was standing and scratching herself against a tree, the others were flat-out in their equivalent of a bedroom close to the northern corral and a small pond. As usual, the two belted Gallows rested separately from the Shetlands and each other.

They must have had a heavy day eating yesterday, because they didn’t attempt to get up when I arrived and remained in their positions when I left fifteen minutes later.

These are iPhone images; I forgot to put a memory card in my dslr.

File 10-06-2016 9 42 27 am 16

File 10-06-2016 9 43 03 am 16

File 10-06-2016 9 43 34 am 16

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One Response to Still in the Bedroom

  1. ramblingratz says:

    It is Friday, that’s near enough the weekend, of course they are taking it easy!


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