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  1. They have an air of disinterest, like a bunch of surly teenagers! Babe is very cute, I am rather fond of cattle on the whole. Is Waynetta named after Waynetta Slob of Harry Enfield fame?

    • Yes. Wayne and Waynetta are named after the Harry Enfield characters; the fixed expressions of the Belted Galloway’s are very much like those of the Enfield characters.

      • I also appreciate the benefits. I particularly like the way they are able to turn most of their lights out when they are eating. I think they switch to a hardwired circuit in their brains that allows them to move their legs and jaws, but close everything else down. If they are shouted at whilst in this state, the jump and let out a frightened scream.

      • Fascinating. Like dolphins swimming while asleep. Mind you, I’d scream if someone shouted at me while I was lunching!

      • I suppose the cattle have evolved this ability to switch off, because eating grass, Himalayan balsam, nettles, docs and thistles is such a boring existence.

      • Well, this is my point: If work with monotony, the ability to switch off most of your brain must be a blessing and a survival tactic.

      • Yes indeed, you just need a bit ticking over to be alert for predators (the boss). We are just temporary vessels for our genes after all. Evolving a brain that needs stimulation is a side effect.

      • Indeed! I suggest that having too much brain power might prove to be a disadvantage, particularly for cattle.

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