Improving Hoo Brook Pasture

I shut the cattle in our relatively new Hoo Brook Pasture overnight and this morning to continue their task of eating the large amount of willow scrub, nettles, docs and thistles growing in there, as well as a lot of other assorted vegetation that needs grazing. Since this pasture was heavily wooded just two years ago, it’s a mess in there at the moment, but the cattle will sort things out if I can keep them active in here for long enough.

This video shows a few of the cattle in action. Wayne, the belted Galloway in the first clip, prefers to strip nettles of their leaves, whilst most of the Shetlands like to eat the whole plant, stalks and all.

Buttercup is eating the thistles and Billy Bull the willow scrub. All the cattle eat willow, nettles and docs, but not all are keen on eating thistles, especially preferring to avoid the large spear thistles. I have persuaded Buttercup and Wayne to eat thistle, and Buttercup has particularly taken to it, but I’m hoping they will all be doing it before too long.

There is much grazing to do as it is, so the cattle can’t be allowed too much time at any one place.



9 Comments on “Improving Hoo Brook Pasture

      • Fortunately, Shetland and Galloway cattle have evolved to eat anything with a bit of green in it. In their home environment they live well during the growing season, and slowly starve out side of it. So nature has provided these cattle with the necessary tools to survive in harsh and meagre times.

      • I’m sure! Although all that fast food that gets dumped by ppl will be sorely missed.

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