Green-veined White Butterfly

It was a beautiful morning on the marsh today and the Riverside Pasture was buzzing with insects, particularly damselflies and green-veined white butterflies. I had one camera with me: my Canon 7D with a Sigma 150-500mm telephoto lens fitted. So I used the combination to photograph and video some of the insects.

The Canon and Sigma combination has a bit of weight to it, and I haven’t yet mastered the art of keeping it still whilst videoing handheld.

IMG_7347 (2) 16


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10 Responses to Green-veined White Butterfly

  1. Beautiful! I have found a few along the canal path recently 🙂

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  2. Vicki says:

    Beautiful butterfly.

    I had that same lens (before I sold it 20 months ago and I found the weight didn’t take long to get used to. In fact once I got used to it, I found the weight help me to stop wobbling (which now stops me from using my little Point & Shoot camera – I can’t hold it still at all).

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    • Thanks Vicky. Perhaps you should have held onto your Sigma 150-500mm lens to take advantage of photo opportunities through your windows.

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      • Vicki says:

        Yes, it would have been wonderful to have it now that I’ve moved to this 3rd floor apartment, but when I sold the lens, I was never to know that I was going to move. At the time, my lower back pain was so bad, I really needed a lighter camera so sold the Sigma to fund the new purchase. Then a month after I bought the new Sony ‘mirrorless’, my (rented) flat was sold and I had to find somewhere else to live. I notice there’s a Sigma 150-600mm now. When you live in rented apartments, you never know where your life will lead you and when you’ll end up moving to a totally different environment.

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