Withy Wood Pool Moorehen and Chicks

Early yesterday morning I went over to Withy Wood Pool, just to see what was going on. I approached slowly through a flooded willow copse, with the sun to my left, to the edge of the pool where I stayed hidden in the shade. I scanned the area through binoculars. A kingfisher, perched on a bow-shaped withy rising from the water at the far left of Withy Wood treeline and returning a few metres further on, stared into the water below. Two Canada geese swam lazily ten or so metres from where I stood. A coot and her chicks whizzed across the pool to the safety of the wood, and a couple of deer waded through the scrub to my far right.

The light was excellent, and I felt that the developing scene would have made a lovely short video. I was ill-equipped for the job, so I watched until a mallard took noisily to the air and frightened the other animals away.

This morning was sunny and cool again, so I grabbed my dslr with a 500mm telephoto lens attached and made for the pool hoping for a similar scene to photograph. Of course, when I arrived, there wasn’t much activity, except for the coot, her chicks, and a couple of mallards. Anyway, I had a go at filming the scene with my dslr. It was difficult to see the lcd screen, but this is the video I shot.

4 Comments on “Withy Wood Pool Moorehen and Chicks

  1. Thanks for sharing your video. Interesting and delightful to hear the bird sounds. The green reflections on the water are lovely and the coot chicks are so endearing. 🙂

    • I’m glad you like the video, Myriam. I’m in the process of setting up my dslr for hi definition video. So I hope my next video will be better than my previous attempt.

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