A Wilden Marsh Dawn Chorus (featuring a nightingale)

8 Comments on “A Wilden Marsh Dawn Chorus (featuring a nightingale)

    • It’s something we don’t often see at the dead of night. This vid is the last of a dozen clips from the camera trap, and they swam back and forth, feeding in that way, throughout the hours of darkness.

    • I dropped my IPhone in that smelly water whilst changing the camera trap memory card; fortunately, it has a waterproof casing. It took around four minutes to find it in squelchy mud. The water where I stood is around 400mm deep, so my waterproof phone casing has now earned it’s keep.

  1. I loved listening to the birdsong. It is so soothing for the soul. And a very different song to here in New Zealand

  2. Who doesn’t love a duck?! And it is certainly nice weather for them. A lovely relaxing little video 🙂

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