Beautiful Banded Demoiselle Dragonfly

The Riverside Pasture was alive with insects today: bumbles, hoverflies and Demoiselles mostly.

IMG_5022 (2)

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13 Responses to Beautiful Banded Demoiselle Dragonfly

  1. Excellent Macro Mike–thanks for sharing–Great Captures

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  2. Gorgeous macro photography, Mike, and such a beautiful creature – that colour is amazing.

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  3. pilipala51 says:

    Excellent capture, Mike.

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  4. v4vikey says:

    Wonderful shot taken!

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  5. Bill Foxall says:

    What a beautiful creature and so brilliantly captured.

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  6. And here I’ve always called them Damsel flies. I guess the English damsel comes from the French demoiselle?

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