Inside a Badger’s Lair

I found a badger’s lair on the marsh earlier this week, in the middle of a thick gorse bush. The badger has created a warm and cosy living space in the bush, so I setup a camera trap within it. This video is one of twelve one minute long clips recorded by the trap.

Badgers have many such lairs on the marsh, and in Hoo Wood.

Today I fitted a close-up lens to the camera trap, and left it setup in the lair.

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15 Responses to Inside a Badger’s Lair

  1. This was really interesting to see and the music really added to the mood, captivating.

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  2. Sabiscuit says:

    Is the soundtrack natural? That is amazing. Badgers are cute. Glad they’re having fun out there.

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  3. ramblingratz says:

    Wonderful! I do love badgers. I understand that they have quite extensive excavations!

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    • Badgers have powerful legs and large claws that make short work of digging setts, latrines and unearthing worms. They also have powerful jaws and large teeth capable of causing serious damage to other animals. However they avoid trouble unless cornered or set upon. Badgers are wonderful creatures.


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