Billy Bull

Billy Bull and his girls were working in the swamp this morning. The closest I got to interacting with him was over the northern corridor fence. He came over for a chat, but my grip on the cattle language is so loose that I couldn’t get the gist of what he was saying. I’m reasonably sure his body language was telling me to keep well away from his cows; his nifty footwork and sweeping head swings left me in no doubt that he was not in a welcoming mood. I have to say, though, that all his gesturing and dancing will not speak louder than a sharp slap on the snout from my hand if he doesn’t behave himself.

Billy Bull is doing a valuable job, so I stroked his head and whispered a little encouragement: your days are numbered, mate! I’m not at all convinced he is up to the job – time will tell. He is a bit of a cutie, don’t you think? I mean… just look at that face!

File 14-05-2016 8 01 41 pm 16

File 14-05-2016 9 36 57 pm


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  1. Yes, I was chased by a bull last year – scared the life out of me. It was a big one too, just came around a tussock about 50 ft. away – didn’t see it until the last minute – then it bellowed and pawed the ground. I am 61 but I ran like a 18 year old..just made it over a wall too. A farmer in the next village to me was killed by one last year…I treat them with the greatest of respect 🙂

    • Cattle in general and bulls in particular can be unpredictable and should be given a wide berth. You were lucky.

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