What A Load of Bull!

The marsh cattle are in the forefront of my mind at the moment with the balsam beginning to show, and they being my main weapon of attack; they are also very loyal and effective volunteers.

Walking past North Pond yesterday evening, I saw the bull at the gate looking rather bored and depressed. He might be a bull, but he is certainly not boss of the marsh herd; they are tough cookies. I think he might have been told to mind his manners by Boss Cow.

He perked up when he saw me approach, and began dancing and bucking his head in a display of dominance. I opened the gate and he continued messing about, so I slapped his nose and he backed away. However, he wasn’t going to bow to me just yet and he tried his luck again as I photographed the cows. I could hear him behind me. They say you should never turn your back on a bull, and this is true, so when I heard him snorting and running towards me, I turned and slapped his nose harder  This did the trick and he retired, beaten, to sulk at the gate. He’s a fine-looking beast, though!

Don’t go in a field where there is a bull, is my advice!

IMG_7179 (2) 16

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    • Yes. Best to stay out of fields with cattle if you are not confident about your ability to control them. I had a bright red plastic bag wrapped around my camera which might have agitated him.

  1. They particularly don’t like it if you get between them and their cows! Lucky they have very sensitive noses 🙂

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