What A Load of Bull!

The marsh cattle are in the forefront of my mind at the moment with the balsam beginning to show, and they being my main weapon of attack; they are also very loyal and effective volunteers.

Walking past North Pond yesterday evening, I saw the bull at the gate looking rather bored and depressed. He might be a bull, but he is certainly not boss of the marsh herd; they are tough cookies. I think he might have been told to mind his manners by Boss Cow.

He perked up when he saw me approach, and began dancing and bucking his head in a display of dominance. I opened the gate and he continued messing about, so I slapped his nose and he backed away. However, he wasn’t going to bow to me just yet and he tried his luck again as I photographed the cows. I could hear him behind me. They say you should never turn your back on a bull, and this is true, so when I heard him snorting and running towards me, I turned and slapped his nose harder  This did the trick and he retired, beaten, to sulk at the gate. He’s a fine-looking beast, though!

Don’t go in a field where there is a bull, is my advice!

IMG_7179 (2) 16

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5 Responses to What A Load of Bull!

  1. pilipala51 says:

    I don’t like being in a field with any cattle. Scared, I am.

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  2. ramblingratz says:

    They particularly don’t like it if you get between them and their cows! Lucky they have very sensitive noses 🙂

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