I photographed this cowslip plant on Wilden Marsh yesterday.

The cowslip is a cousin of the primrose and is also an early spring flower. As such, it is closely associated with much English folklore and tradition, including adorning garlands for May Day and being strewn on church paths for weddings. Formerly a common plant of traditional meadows, ancient woodlands and hedgerows, it was picked in profusion across the country for many celebrations. But the loss of these habitats to the advancement of agriculture caused a serious decline in cowslip  populations and now fields coloured bright yellow with the nodding heads of cowslips a rare sight.


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8 Responses to Cowslip

  1. Utasflow says:

    For this reason it is declared as “Wild Flower of the Year 2016” in Germany.

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  2. Vicki says:

    Such a cheerful wildflower to see. Shame it’s in the decline.

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  3. ramblingratz says:

    It is odd that something that was once so common is now so rare, even in one lifetime. Hopefully it will serve as a wake up call for people to cherish and protect natural habitats.

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