Hoo Wood Bluebells

Hoo Wood is a strip of woodland separating an industrial and residential area of Kidderminster in North Worcestershire.

The wood is predominantly oak, with silver birch being the next most abundant tree species. A few sycamore, beech, elder, holy, ivy, willow, larch, hawthorn and hazel exist on this site. This is not ancient woodland; none the less, I feel sure the area has a strong influence on the health of Wilden Marsh, or at least the marsh would be a poorer place without it. Also, I understand that the wood Dark Wood, at the north end of the site, is one of the richest botanical sites in North Worcestershire.

File 05-05-2016 2 18 13 pm 16


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7 Responses to Hoo Wood Bluebells

  1. Bill Foxall says:

    What a super photograph,The light dispersal is just right to show off the marvelous Bluebells. Are these still our native flowers?

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  2. ramblingratz says:

    Beautiful. Do you know how old the woodland is? I thought native bluebells were an indicator of ancient (1600 AD) woodland?

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