Orange-tip Butterfly


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  1. What a great shot, Mike.
    As I’ve said before, you must have a very steady hand (or a great tripod). My butterfly images rarely look this good.

      • The caterpillars hatch and feed on the developing seed pod. They are green and extremely hard to spot. Orange-tip caterpillars are cannibalistic, liable to eat another of their own species should they meet. Each caterpillar leaves its foodplant to overwinter as a chrysalis, probably in bushes and tall vegetation.

      • Our local BC group does a lot of egg, chrysalis and caterpillar monitoring, as well monitoring the adults of course! Sadly with my mobility issues many of the routes are a bit inaccessible to me but I always get a kick out of the photos the others get 🙂 There are quite a number of cannibalistic caterpillars of both moths and butterflies! Lepidotera are such a fascinating and diverse species 🙂

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